Language service

Munich Municipal Foreign Languages Institute (FIM) is one of Munich’s ‛production schools,′ taking the opportunity to offer our foreign languages service to municipal and Bavarian state institutions and organizations and for charitable purposes.

While our range of services naturally extends to translating, terminology and interpreting contracts, our principal focus is placed on interpreting jobs.

We suggest you get in touch at the earliest possible date with the relevant language team leaders, who will act as your contacts and job coordinators. Interpreting work, in particular, requires earlier advance notice so that the necessary terminological and general language research can be completed.

When our Language Service has agreed to take a job on, suitable students for your project will be selected and supervised by teachers providing professional support and guidance during the entire process of completing terminology and translation work and preparing to act as interpreters.

If you would like to make use of this student-rendered service and give our students some useful practice, please just contact us.

Our language teams


Wizards of Words
Please contact: Gabriele Grojer


Kompetenz in Sprachen (KiS)
Language team leader: Brigitte Fandrich


Language team leader: Patricia Viegas-Louro


Team KiS
Kompetenz in Sprachen
(in German only)