The history of the

Munich Municipal Foreign Languages Institute

Munich Municipal Foreign languages Institute was founded on 26 October 1945. Its history now spans over sixty years, with its name changing three times and its address fours times. There have been nine principals – and four attempts by the City to close it down!

Those are the bare facts.

But the Institute has entailed so much more, of course – the countless numbers of people, be they students, teachers or others, who have left their mark and who in turn carry away its lasting influence on them.

1945 itself and the years that followed were characterized both by a daily fight for survival and the spirit of reconstruction and a new beginning. After the long, stupefying years of cultural suppression under the Nazis, people once again sensed the need to expand their horizons. The founding of the Sprachenschule was one manifestation of this desire. Even before the war officially ended, interpreters had been important to the City. Just before war’s end, members of the interpreters’ company were at the forefront of the Bavarian Freedom Initiative, doing much to prevent Munich’s complete destruction in any last-ditch battle for the city. After the Americans took command, there was of course a great need for linguists to aid communication between the American military government and the local German population.

Which is where the history of Munich Municipal Foreign Languages Institute begins …

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A journey through the history of FIM (in German)

If you would like to know more …

… you should enquire about the FIM Chronicle, which was written and assembled (in German) by Gabi Galster on the occasion of the Institute’s diamond jubilee. Just print out the form, complete it and send it to us. You will then receive the Chronicle COD. Enjoy leafing through the years!

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Ordering the Chronicle:

“Der Krieg ist aus. Erinnern in München.
Die Geschichte des Fremdspracheninstituts. 1945-2005”

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