Friends of the Institute

The Förderverein – Friends of the Institute

As laid down in its Rules, our Förderverein – the Friends and Supporters of the Fremdspracheninstitut e. V. – was set up on 21 July 2001 with the aim of “promoting our students’ and graduates’ education and further training.”

To this end, we organize further training courses and practical training opportunities in Germany and abroad, and supplementary training programmes and courses both at the Institute and through our partner colleges and companies. Our Rules also provide for financial support to students who would otherwise be unable to participate in Institute trips and outings.

For this reason, the Förderverein is always grateful to receive donations and new members. The annual membership fee is currently €15.

The Förderverein - Friends of the Institute

How to contact us

If you are interested in becoming a member or making a donation, please contact

Gerhard Klaus
Fremdspracheninstitut der LH München
Amalienstraße 36

80799 Munich

Tel (++49 89) 233 416-55

Bank details

Verein der Freunde und Förderer des FIM
Sparda Bank
Account no. 2645009
Bank sorting code no. 700 90 500

IBAN: DE34 7009 0500 0002 6450 09