The Institute's fine old home

The Institute’s fine old home

Our Institute is housed in a building dating from 1886-7 and built in German red-brick renaissance style
according to designs by Friedrich Loewel. During the war, it was home to a non-confessional primary school.
At the back, there was a two-storey gymnasium building, which burned down in 1944. The annex housed a girls’
home economics school. From 1944, it provided shelter for people whose homes had been bombed out and, from
1945, a domicile for refugees.

The elder generation of business people in our neighbourhood tell of its very coloured history. Farther
down Amalienstrasse at Number 15, for example, Hitler first met Eva Braun. She was working in the
photographic studios of Heinrich Hoffmann.

In the 50s, the school building became home to the Vocational School for Retail Trades.

The Institute's fine old home
PC room

Teaching in modern rooms

Teaching at Munich Municipal Foreign Languages Institute takes place in learning-oriented rooms.

In addition to computer rooms and a computer practice room, the school boasts its own language laboratory,
as well as an extensive library, a cafeteria and the opportunity to relax in its lush rear courtyard.

PC room
Conference room

Conference room and language laboratory

The conference room and the language laboratory are given over primarily to interpreting sessions, but are also used for
impromptu translation classes.

Language laboratory

Lending library

Our students can borrow – free of charge – books of all kinds in German, English, French and Spanish,
spanning every genre from thrillers to poetry.

Reference library

Our students come here to make private use of specialist textbooks and technical dictionaries to prepare
themselves for lessons and examinations.

Klaus Bauer


The smell of fresh coffee emanates all day from this thoroughly cosy little corner of the building,
where our caretaker, Klaus Bauer, serves up Munich’s best mozzarella rolls as well as a range of other
drinks and small snacks while offering a sympathetic ear to everybody’s news, be it happy or sad.

School courtyard

School courtyard

Our school courtyard has been landscaped to feature trees, flowers, plants and a lawn.

School courtyard