About us

A long tradition of language training in further education

Our Institute was established in 1945 under its original name of the Städtische Sprachenschule, or Municipal Language School. It was integrated into the city’s vocational education system in 1974 as a Berufsfachschule, or vocational training college. The Fachakademie, a specialist training academy, was added in 1979. The years since then have witnessed a progressive expansion of our teaching programmes, always with an express regard for the specific vocational requirements of a united Europe.

The Institute's fine old home

Publicly financed

Our Institute is Bavaria’s only publicly-run training establishment for foreign-language careers.
We are part Munich state capital’s system of municipal vocational training facilities, and responsible to the city’s Schools Department. The inspectorate is in the hands of the Upper Bavarian government.
Syllabuses, curricula and final examinations are produced by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education.
Courses at our Institute are non-fee-paying.


Multi-culturally organized

50 per cent of the teachers on our staff come from English-, French or Spanish-speaking parts of the world, while the student body is a cornucopia of nationalities. We all understand that our everyday dealings with one another should be characterized by the values of intercultural dialogue, tolerance and sincerity.

Multi-culturally organized