Our Institute

Specializing in qualified training for foreign-language careers

Acquiring linguistic competence to meet occupational needs and learning specialisms to be successful nationally and internationally –

The FIM, Munich’s municipal foreign languages institute, offers a comprehensive and up-to-date range of choices to young people and adults who are interested in modern foreign languages.

Committing ourselves to a clearly-defined model

Our teachers seek to provide thorough specialist preparation for attaining qualifications.
Beyond this, the Institute works to shape our students’ personal and professional competences to meet the requirements of global markets and growing international cooperation.

We hone our training and educational programmes to the requirements of the market and the working world, and pursue a pedagogical concept of attentive tutoring for our students as they progress through our ideally adult-oriented examination courses. At the same time, we also attach the greatest importance to the continual encouragement of students become independent and acquire knowledge
on their own initiative.

Students in the school courtyard


Your Stepping Stone to Linguistic Excellence