Other courses

Extra study year at the FIM

Students can opt for an extra year of study at the academy, requiring attendance at the relevant FAK3 classes in either a second major language or a second specialist field of study. Department heads will be happy to advise you.

Year abroad as an assistant

Students at the FIM are entitled to take advantage of opportunities offered by school authorities in other countries to gain practical experience by working as foreign language assistants, usually for a year.
These student exchange years are organized by the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst, or PAD, Germany’s national agency for the EU’s schools programmes.

Studying abroad

World Education Services, North America’s agency for the recognition of foreign certificates, officially recognizes final qualifications obtained at the FIM. The final qualification at the BFS is considered equivalent to a High School Diploma, enabling students to take up places at American universities, while the final qualification at the FAK equates to a Bachelor of Arts. There are similar opportunities for those graduates wishing to continue their studies in Britain, Ireland, France and Spain.