The BFS vocational training school at a glance


State-qualified foreign-language correspondent State-qualified Euro- correspondent


In addition to your interest in languages, FIM has a number of other, formal entrance requirements.


This qualification encompasses learning in two foreign languages, one major, one minor.

Special subject bias


Course duration

This depends on the qualification or qualifications you are hoping to acquire.If you are able to demonstrate a given level of vocational expertise, it is possible to do only one year of preparation towards the qualification as a state-qualified foreign-language correspondent. Normally, however, this course takes two years.

Training for
further qualifications

A third year of study, involving more detailed instruction in your minor foreign language and economics, leads to the examination for state-qualified Euro-correspondents.
Minor language expansion: in the third year of study, you will bring the standard of your minor foreign langauage up to that of your major foreign language, preparing you to qualify as a state-qualified
foreign language correspondent in two foreign languages.
Graduates of the BFS may also apply to move up to the first or second year class at the FAK specialist academy and take the examinations for state-qualified translators and / or interpreters after three or
two further years of study respectively. Entry to the FAK is dependent on passing an entrance examination.