Erasmus+ (for FAK)

Erasmus+ is there to support the European education agendas, which are modernizing, internationalizing and qualitatively improving higher education in Europe. The organization is also working to strengthen international competency as well as the personal development and employability of our students, to make the EU a more attractive place to study, and to contribute to sustainable development of higher education in 3rd world countries.

The program is also there to help bridge the gap between the different levels of education and intensify the cooperation between the different educational sectors.

Target Groups

Within higher education, Erasmus+ financially supports students, colleges, college staff, and partners from a non-academic background; furthermore, the organization supports cooperation between schools, companies, adult education programs, and youth organizations.

Our Specialist Academy for Translation and Interpreting has been actively participating in this program since 2005. The Erasmus program makes it possible for our students and teachers to study and do internships within the European Union.

The academic coordinators from the English, Spanish and French departments guarantee individual and personalized advising and guidance to our students – upon preparing to leave, as well as during their stays abroad.

Students who come to us from abroad also profit from personalized advising, which is suited to their needs.

The Europe-Coordination Team is ready and willing to answer any of your questions during their weekly office hour. For further information, please refer to the posting in FIM’s Europe-Program display case on the 1st floor next to the offices.

Statement of Responsibility

This project was financed by the European Commission. The author of this content is responsible for its accuracy; the commission is not responsible for further use of the information contained here.

ECHE-Charta für FAK – Erasmus+ 2014-20

Our Coordinators

  • Main Coordinator and Academic Coordinator for the Spanish Department: María Jesús Cervero
  • Academic Coordinator for the English Department: Karola Koller
  • Academic Coordinator for the French Department: Patricia Lindner

Information and Documents

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